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Former & Current Visiting Faculty

As a partner of the Harlaxton College Program, TWU faculty are sometimes selected to teach at Harlaxton during the summer or semester terms. These visiting faculty appointments provide a unique opportunity for TWU students to form connections with our faculty while living and learning abroad, even if not taking a course directly from that faculty member. 

Upcoming TWU Visiting Faculty:


Ron Palmores, Ph.D.Ron Palomares, Ph.D.
Psychology & Philosophy

Spring 2022

Teaching @ Harlaxton College

Linda Rubin, Ph.D. PsychologyLinda Rubin, Ph.D.
Psychology & Philosophy

Summer 2022

Jeff Radighieri, Ph.D. MarketingJeff Radighieri, Ph.D.

Summer 2023


Previous TWU Visiting Faculty:


Mahmoud Sadri, Ph.D.Mahmoud Sadri, Ph.D.

Fall 2021

Jordan Fuchs, M.F.A.Jordan Fuchs, M.F.A.

Fall 2017

Derek Crews, Ph.D.Derek Crews, Ph.D.
College of Business

Fall 2016


Sara Fanning, Ph.D.Sara Fanning, Ph.D.
History & Political Science

Spring 2016


Susan Kae Grant, M.F.A.
Emeritus Coranaro Professor
Visual Arts

Fall 2015


Titus Asbury, Ph.D.Titus Asbury, Ph.D.
Psychology & Philosophy

Fall 2014

Reflections of Harlaxton College

Timothy Hoye, Ph.D.Timothy Hoye, Ph.D.
History & Political Science



Sharla Snider, Ph.D.Sharla Snider, Ph.D.
Family Sciences