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Nursing in London, 2019Education Abroad supports global learning by providing opportunities for Texas Woman’s University students to engage in global learning opportunities both abroad and domestically. These transformational experiences help TWU students connect what they are learning in their classes to a broader global context.

After engaging in an Education Abroad program, students will have a more complex understanding of and the ability to integrate the following concepts:
  • Global Awareness: knowledge related to how environmental, social, cultural, political, and economic systems impact the world
  • Global Perspective: ability to examine links between one’s own life and the diverse lives of others
  • Global Engagement: intentionally participating in intercultural interactions and problem solving
Please see details below on ways Education Abroad can collaborate with faculty to develop meaningful global learning opportunities across the TWU curriculum.

For a quick guide to faculty involvement with International Affairs, see this overview of Faculty Resources from International Affairs.
Explore Faculty-Led Global Learning Courses

TWU has a long standing tradition of faculty incorporating international or domestic academic travel components into their coursework. These are often short-term (1-3 week) experiences which can contribute to course contact hour requirements. Education Abroad manages the approval process for Faculty-Led Global Learning Courses, and can provide support in the planning and execution of courses with an academic travel component.
Explore Visiting Faculty Appointments Abroad

Since 2002, TWU has had a partnership with Harlaxton College, the British campus of the University of Evansville (UE) in Evansville, Indiana. Through a partnership with UE, universities across the United States provide opportunities for students to study and for faculty to teach at Harlaxton College. TWU has a history of its faculty being selected for visiting teaching appointments for semester or summer-long appointments. 

Virtual Exchanges

Virtual exchanges encompass a range of sustained, faculty-led, virtual peer-to-peer learning opportunities across borders and cultures.

Domestic "Study Away" Opportunities

Looking for ways to incorporate intercultural experiences into your course without crossing an ocean? Explore global learning opportunities “at home” in the United States: Global Learning at Home
Learn More About International Coursework

Students participating in certain education abroad programs will work with their Academic Advisor(s) along with Education Abroad to identify appropriate coursework to enroll in abroad. Coursework is available across many academic disciplines and the Core Curriculum.

International Travel Requests