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Timeline & Deadlines

1. Report Abroad Course Plans

Deadline: Before July 1st

2. Submit a Faculty-Led Abroad Course Approval

Deadline: Prior to Class Registration

  • Complete and submit the Faculty-Led Abroad Course Approval online workflow
  • We recommend that you use Internet Explorer as your internet browser. YOU MUST SAVE EVERY 20 MINUTES OR YOUR WORK WILL BE LOST.
  • When entering the names of people involved in this process, enter their “last name, first initial” (e.g. Phillips, A) and allow the system to give you a drop down list to choose from. This is not an open text box, you must select from the list of names.
  • Your approval must include two attachments:
  • To add attachments, use the “Add Attachment”  link at the bottom of the form.
  • We highly recommend that you click the “PRINT” button to keep a copy of your approval form before you submit
  • You will need to use the “Save” button every 20 minutes to save your work.
    • NOTE: Your form may take a few moments to save. DO NOT close the window until you see your form listed on the screen. This listing is how you can access the form after you have saved it and wish to open it back up to continue completing it
  • When you are finished, click the “Save and Submit” button. You will receive an email that your form has been submitted.
  • Your supervisor will receive an email to “Approve or Reject” the form. Once they approve the form it will move through the chain to your supervisor, your Dean, the Director of Education Abroad, the Senior Associate Provost and finally, the Provost.
  • Once approved by the Provost, you will receive an email notifying you that your program has completed the approval process.

Four Months Prior to Departure

  • Communicate dates and time for all planned pre-departure meetings to Education Abroad Programs
  • Verify class has met the minimum enrollment requirements
  • Verify the following for each student participant:
    • GPA
    • Academic standing via Office of Student Life
    • Financial status via Bursar’s Office
    • Compliance with all travel policies
  • Retain documentation of participant eligibility

One Month Prior to Departure

  • Complete an interdepartmental funds transfer (IDT) prior to departure to cover the $85 fee assigned for liability insurance for all faculty and staff program leaders. This can be paid from course fees or other accounts.
    • The IDT to cover TWU employees per trip should be sent to account number 11.400.05.4511, object code 7204
  • Contact Education Abroad Programs to complete the mandatory Education Abroad and Out-of-State Programs Orientation Risk Management training prior to first faculty-led program experience and repeat training every 2 years
  • Provide a pre-departure orientation, including travel safety topics, for all program participants prior to departure

One Week Prior to Departure

  • Distribute emergency management plan to all participants prior to departure. All participants must carry emergency contact cards received from Education Abroad Programs which include TWU emergency number and email, the embassy/consulate number, the faculty leader cell number, designated emergency meeting places, and the number for the travel agency/provider or foreign institutional partner

During the Abroad Program

  • Follow the TWU emergency plan. TWU police are the primary contact, and they will contact the designated office where responders will contact family, etc. and other responders as needed.
  • Implement all TWU policies while abroad. Faculty shall have the authority to dismiss a student from the course/program for serious violations of the TWU code of conduct found in the Student Handbook or instructions from the faculty member
  • Do not leave any student behind or unattended
  • Be supported/assisted by a second TWU employee unless an exception is approved by the Provost