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Former & Current Visiting Faculty

As a partner of the Harlaxton College Program, TWU faculty are sometimes selected to teach at Harlaxton during the summer or semester terms. These visiting faculty appointments provide a unique opportunity for TWU students to form connections with our faculty while living and learning abroad, even if not taking a course directly from that faculty member. 


Ron Palmores, Ph.D.Ron Palomares, Ph.D.
Psychology & Philosophy

Spring 2022

Teaching @ Harlaxton College

Linda Rubin, Ph.D. PsychologyLinda Rubin, Ph.D.
Psychology & Philosophy

Summer 2022

Mahmoud Sadri, Ph.D.Mahmoud Sadri, Ph.D.

Fall 2021

Jordan Fuchs, M.F.A.Jordan Fuchs, M.F.A.

Fall 2017

Derek Crews, Ph.D.Derek Crews, Ph.D.
College of Business

Fall 2016


Sara Fanning, Ph.D.Sara Fanning, Ph.D.
History & Political Science

Spring 2016


Susan Kae Grant, M.F.A.
Emeritus Coranaro Professor
Visual Arts

Fall 2015


Titus Asbury, Ph.D.Titus Asbury, Ph.D.
Psychology & Philosophy

Fall 2014

Reflections of Harlaxton College

Timothy Hoye, Ph.D.Timothy Hoye, Ph.D.
History & Political Science



Sharla Snider, Ph.D.Sharla Snider, Ph.D.
Family Sciences