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Scholarships & Financial Aid

In an effort to reduce out-of-pocket expenses, students may seek additional ways to fund their education abroad program. Education Abroad strongly encourages students to connect with the TWU Write Site for assistance and support related to scholarship essays.

The following resource is available to help students begin to conceptualize written essay components:
A Guide to Education Abroad Scholarship Applications

Gilman International Scholarship Program October 2023
The application deadline for overseas programs that start December 2023-October 2024 is October 5, 2023
Click here for the recording of the TWU Gilman Scholarship Overview for the Fall 2023 cycle 
Students who qualify for and receive federal financial aid can utilize their aid toward education abroad program expenses. General information about applying for and utilizing financial aid at TWU is available online at the TWU Financial Aid website.

All students participating in education abroad programs complete a TWU Education Abroad portal application specific to the selected program. As a part of the program registration, students receive additional information about utilizing their financial aid to pay for the education abroad program. Students who are eligible for and receive federal financial aid will have the opportunity to have their financial aid re-evaluated to determine if they qualify for additional financial aid awards based on the cost of their education abroad program. Financial Aid re-evaluations can only occur after a student has selected, applied to, and been accepted to a specific education abroad program.

Are you a TWU Terry Foundation Scholar? Learn more about Terry Study Abroad Special Funding Requests
As part of TWU mandatory fees, each semester students contribute toward the International Education Fee. This fund assists students participating in approved TWU education abroad programs outside of the United States. The Education Abroad Scholarship (EAS) is open to all TWU students, including international students, meeting the eligibility requirements as stipulated within the application. Students may apply up to 1 year in advance of their departure, with scholarship awards ranging from $500 - $1,500. Explore the TWU Education Abroad Scholarship
Students participating in Traditional Study Abroad Programs, International Internships, or International Service Learning programs may have access to additional scholarship support. Please visit the links below to explore scholarship opportunities offered directly through our affiliated program providers: 
While the following scholarships provide more broad-based educational support, many students have utilized funds toward education abroad programs. Please visit the links below to learn more about eligibility requirements, award amounts, and application cycles:
There are additional ways students supplement education abroad expenses beyond financial aid and scholarships:
  1. Crowdfunding / crowdsourcing - Campaign for support by preparing your pitch, setting a realistic goal, and enlisting the power of social networking (Resource: TransitionsAbroad)
  2. Personal savings plans - Connect with your bank and/or consider utilizing technology apps designed to support personal savings accounts (resource: GoAbroad)
  3. Gift giving occasion - Will you be celebrating a holiday or birthday before you go abroad? Utilize natural gift-giving occasions to source support for your upcoming education abroad program. Think beyond monetary gifts and build your wishlist with tangible item you might need purchase. (Resource: GoAbroad)
  4. Scholarship databases - Utilize scholarship databases to scour through hundreds and thousands of private scholarships available to support general education expenses (Resource: USA Today)