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Program Costs & Payments

Please see the information below for resources and additional details related to determining program costs and making payments:
Education Abroad Program costs vary depending on many variables, including program length, location, and personal travel plans. In an effort to help students estimate total program expenses, please utilize the following resource: TWU Education Abroad Budget Estimator
The way in which deposits and payments are submitted for Education Abroad program varies by type.

Faculty-Led Abroad Courses

Tuition & course fees will be paid directly to TWU via the Bursar's Office. Costs associated with components of the abroad itinerary are submitted directly to the travel organization(s) the faculty have partnered with.

Harlaxton College Program

Students will submit a non-refundable application deposit directly to the Harlaxton College Program. Costs associated with the program will be applied directly to the TWU student bill, and students will pay this bill via the Bursar's Office as normal. Students will only be charged tuition & fees related to the Harlaxton College Program.

Traditional Study Abroad Programs & International Service Learning Programs

Students will submit all payments directly with to the International Education Organization operating their selected education abroad program.

International Internships

Students will submit program costs associated with the international internship directly with the International Education Organization operating their selected international internships. If students are receiving academic credit for their internship directly from TWU, students will also pay tuition & course fees associated with this credit to TWU via the Bursar's Office.
Students who qualify for and receive federal financial aid can utilize their aid toward education abroad program expenses. General information about applying for and utilizing financial aid at TWU is available online at the TWU Financial Aid website.

Students may also seek scholarship opportunities to offset out-of-pocket expenses. Explore Scholarships & Financial Aid

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