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Identities Abroad

Studying and interning abroad can present students with rewarding lifelong experiences that can challenge perceptions of identity. We tend to define ourselves using different features of our personalities, backgrounds, and physical appearance. Often identifying with several groups at once, we use these characteristics to distinguish ourselves as individuals and help us understand how we entwine in the larger context of American culture. 

When preparing yourself to be immersed in another culture, it is important to consider all the different ways that you identify as an individual, recognizing how your identity might be perceived abroad as well as how you want to present yourself to your host community.

As you consider international travel, it’s important to recognize that different social identities may impact your experience abroad in unique ways. The following resources will help you explore how your social identities may influence where you choose to travel and affect the way you experience life in another country.

These resources will continue to expand over the Spring 2023 semester.





Heritage Seekers 


Mental Health