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Visiting Faculty Appointments Abroad

Susan Grant, M.F.A., with TWU Students

Harlaxton College, located in the English countryside, is a Victorian manor house owned by the University of Evansville (UE) and operated as a unique study abroad program for students around the United States. Students can apply to study at Harlaxton for both the fall and spring semesters, as well as a five-week summer program.

As a partner of the Harlaxton College Program, TWU faculty have an opportunity to apply to teach at Harlaxton during the summer or semester terms. These visiting faculty appointments provide a unique opportunity for students studying abroad at Harlaxton to form connections with faculty while living and learning abroad.


Recorded on 19 Nov 2020
Presenters: Dr. Holly Carter, Director of the Harlaxton College Program & Dr. Annie Phillips, Executive Director for International Affairs at Texas Woman's University
Positions for three faculty from the University Evansville are reserved each semester. The remaining appointments--generally five or more per semester--are open to partner faculty. Preference is given to faculty whose academic discipline best matches Harlaxton’s needs and the academic level and interests of Harlaxton’s undergraduate students.

TWU applicants must:
  • be employed as full-time faculty at TWU
  • have completed 6 years of teaching at TWU
  • be supported by their academic component leader and dean

Application Materials/Process
  1. Complete the ‚ÄčHarlaxton Visiting Faculty Application_Updated April 2022.pdf
  2. Provide an updated Curriculum Vita
  3. Email application and CV to International Affairs at
  4. Application deadlines each year:
    • Summer due: November 15th
    • Fall or Spring due: March 15th
  5. Academic Council will review applications and select TWU's nominees for Harlaxton’s visiting faculty positions. TWU’s nominees will then participate in Harlaxton’s review, evaluation, and selection process.
Semester / Term Application Deadline
Summer November 15th (App due approx. 20 months in advance of semester abroad)
Fall March 15th (App due approx. 18 months in advance of semester abroad)
Spring March 15th (App due approx. 23 months in advance of semester abroad)
Faculty who have been selected by Harlaxton College for Visiting Faculty Appointments will ultimately need their courses to meet minimum enrollment requirements, or their courses along with their subsequent appointment may be cancelled. Below are some tools and tips for marketing and recruiting for your courses:
  • Aim to recruit at minimum 3-5 students from TWU
  • Work with the Academic Advisor for your department to determine the TWU equivalency of the courses you will be teaching at Harlaxton.
    • Will your course(s) count toward a TWU major or minor? What requirement(s) will this course(s) satisfy?
    • Will your course(s) count toward TWU Core? If so, which core requirement?
  • Create a flyer promoting your coursework abroad. Resources:
  • Promote your course via the following channels:
    • Ask colleagues within your department to share course details with their classes
    • Share details with Academic Advisors who work with students within your academic component areas
    • Share recruitment materials during TWU events (examples: Pioneer Preview, New Student Orientation, Transfer Connection)
    • Share recruitment materials with Harlaxton College to be shared with students at other partner institutions
    • Connect with relevant student organizations
    • Utilize digital signage on campus, social media, Pioneer Portal announcements, and the TWU Lasso. See the Selecting a Tool for Unofficial Communication for related information
    • Work with the TWU Student Union & TWU University Housing to post flyers in student lounges and residence halls

TWU Education Abroad provides the following services:
  • Manages the student registration and pre-departure process.
  • Promotion and recruitment through:
    • Education Abroad website
    • Education Abroad social media
    • Classroom and TWU event presentation(s)
    • Education Abroad advising
    • Sharing Visiting Faculty Appointment with TWU Marketing & Communication
Explore Former & Current Visiting Faculty

TWU has had several faculty across multiple academic disciplines selected as Visiting Faculty at Harlaxton. Many of these faculty have shared reflections, advice, and photographs from their unique experiences across the pond.