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Student sits with camelEducation Abroad supports global learning by providing opportunities for Texas Woman’s University students to live, learn, and lead abroad. These transformational experiences help TWU students connect what they are learning in their classes to a broader global context.

After engaging in an Education Abroad program, students will have a more complex understanding of and the ability to integrate the following concepts:
Global Awareness: knowledge related to how environmental, social, cultural, political, and economic systems impact the world
Global Perspective: ability to examine links between one’s own life and the diverse lives of others
Global Engagement: intentionally participating in intercultural interactions and problem solving

Explore Education Abroad Programs

From traditional study abroad to international internships, Education Abroad provides students a variety of opportunities to engage in global learning. Programs range in price and length (1 week to 1 year!).
Explore Education Abroad Advising

Need help finding the best fit for you? TWU Global Advisors can assist you in identifying programs that meet your needs and goals, navigating the application process, and preparing for departure.
Explore International Coursework

Students participating in certain education abroad programs will need to identify appropriate coursework to enroll in abroad. Coursework is available across many academic disciplines and within the Core Curriculum
Explore Program Costs & Payments

Resources are available to assist students in estimating total program costs, along with understanding how to submit payments. 
Explore Scholarships & Financial Aid

In an effort to reduce out-of-pocket expenses, students may seek additional ways to fund their education abroad program through utilizing federal financial aid and/or applying for scholarship support.
Students planning on participating in TWU-sponsored international activities outside of Education Abroad Programs, regardless if university funds are used, must complete an individual registration in our portal. Please email to inform us of your international travel, copying your faculty/staff members. Examples of TWU-sponsored international activities include:
  • Research
  • Conferences, trainings, and seminars
  • Volunteer work and experiences
  • Internships
  • Fieldwork and studies